GSC Long-Term Planning 2010-2020

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  1. National long term vision & planning documents
    1. US
      1. AAAC 2008 Report
      2. US roadmap for AO
      3. AURA's assessment of adaptive optics
      4. Link to the LSST science drivers
      5. An AURA report on Aspen: progress and reports, 2008
    2. UK
      1. STFC "roadmap", not updated yet
    3. Canada
      1. Canadian long range plan (2000): The Origins of Structure in the Universe
      2. Mid-Term Review of Canadian LRP
      3. Notes and comments by Jay Frogel on Canadian LRP
    4. Australia
      1. Decadal (20006-2015) plan for Australia
      2. AU Working Group Report on high z universe
      3. AU Working Group Report on nearby universe
      4. AU Working Group Report on stars and planets
      5. Scott Croom's notes on AU Decadal Plan
    5. Brazil
    6. Argentina
    7. Chile
      1. Simon Casassu notes on Chile future vision for astronomy
  2. ESO and European planning documents
    1. Astronet Science Vision
    2. Astronet Infrastructure
    3. ESO 42 m public documents including a report of the Science Working Group
    4. Opticon science case for a European ELT site
  3. Gemini Observatory planning information
    1. 2004 comparison of Gemini instruments with other facilities
    2. Jensen et al's 2008 SPIE article on the Gemini instrumentation program
    3. Development group perspective on 2010-2020
  4. GSC documents
  5. Space science long range plans
    1. NASA 2007-2016 science plan summary
    2. ESA "Cosmic Vision"