GSC / AOC-G Agenda

October 18-19, 2007

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  1. GSC Welcome and Briefing
    1. Approval of Agenda
    2. Approval of GSC October 2006 Report
    3. GSC Special Meeting - April 2007
  2. Changes to GSC’s Terms of Reference
  3. Gemini Board Resolutions
    1. Gemini Board Resolutions - November 2006
    2. Gemini Board Resolutions - May 2007
  4. Instrument Program Update
  5. Deployment of Instruments on GN/GS
  6. Scientific Priorities for 2008
  7. AOC-G Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
  8. Aspen Program Management
    1. Aspen Science (for information only)
    2. Aspen Update
  9. Gemini AO Program
  10. GAOSWG
    1. GAOSWG Report
    2. LGS Sky Coverage
  11. Science highlights and update on publications and citations
  12. Gemini DataFlow Project
  13. Science operations overview and NGO program-wise assessment