GSC Meeting Agenda

October 12-13, 2005

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  1. GSC Welcome and Briefing
    1. Approval of Agenda
    2. AURA/Gemini Renewal Proposal to NSF status
    3. Gemini Board Resolutions - May Meeting and Aspen follow-up
    4. Gemini Director
  2. Efficiency of Gemini telescope/instruments
  3. Program execution and completion rate
  4. Science Productivity
  5. GSC Data Reduction Working Group and Data Flow Project
    1. Initial Assessment of Data Quality Assessment and Data Processing
  6. Telescope performances and systems update
  7. Gemini Instrumentation
  8. Aspen: recent highlights and current status, future milestones
  9. GSC matters arising
  10. Review and update of instrument commissioning priorities
  11. Science highlights
  12. Promotion of Gemini scientific achievements
  13. NICI Campaign
  14. Subaru/Gemini Workshop on Weak Lensing and Dark Energy
  15. Subaru/Gemini observing time exchange
  16. Issues and follow-up form Operations Working Group
    1. Minutes of Feb 05 meeting
    2. Minutes of Aug 05 meeting
    3. Review of past and current semesters: achievements completion and time accounting (for info only)
      1. 2004A update
      2. 2004B update
      3. 2005A update
      4. 2005B update