AURA Oversight Council-Gemini Meeting: November 14-15, 2016

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Monday - November 14: SBF Engineering Conference Room
Closed Executive Session [AOC-G, AURA Corporate Office, and Director only]
09:00  C1   Update from the Director Markus Kissler-Patig
Regular Session [AOC-G, AURA Corporate Office, Gemini Directorate, NSF, GBoD]
09:30 R1 Welcome and Introductions Laura Ferrarese
09:40 R2 AURA Report Heidi Hammel
10:10 R3 NSF Report Chris Davis
10:40   Break  
10:55 R4 Gemini Board Report including the Gemini Vision Rene Walterbos
11:25 R5

Director's Report and Presentation
Science Highlights and Presentation
Top-level discussion of the May AOC-G Recommendations

Markus Kissler-Patig
12:05  R6 NCOA Update Markus Kissler-Patig
12:35   Lunch  
13:20 R7 Finance Report and Presentation Diego Correa
14:00 R8 Operations Report and Presentation  Andy Adamson
14:30 R9 Development Report and Presentation 
  • including updates on GHOST CDR,Gen 4#3, and GeMS lasor procurement 
Scot Kleinman
15:00 R10  Update on Instrument Procurement, managing IDF Scot Kleinman
15:30   Break  
15:45 R11 Transition Program Closure Report and Presentation
Discussion of post-transition capabilities and initial user feedback
Inger Jørgensen
16:15 R12 HR Report Neil Barker
16:45 R13 Workforce and Diversity Report Chris Yamasaki
17:15 R14 Shared Services Diego Correa
Closed Executive Session [AOC-G, AURA Corporate Office]
17:30 C2 Council Discussion  
18:15   Adjournment for the day   
Tuesday - November 15: SBF Enginering Conference Room
Regular Session [AOC-G, AURA Corporate Office, Gemini Directorate, NSF, GBoD]
09:00 R15 Risk Register, including risks for individual instruments Markus Kissler-Patig
Closed Executive Session [AOC-G, AURA Corporate Office]
09:45 C3 Draft of the AOC-G Obsevations and Recommendationis  
11:00   Break  
11:15 C3 Continued  
12:30   Lunch  
13:30 C3 Continued  
Regular Session
14:30 R16 Q&A with Observatory Staff  
15:30   Break  
Closed Executive Session
15:45 C3 Continued  
16:45 C4 Review AOC-G Observations and Recommendations with Directorate  
17:45   Adjournment  
Background Documents
  2016 Program Plan Progress
  2017 Program Plan (Draft)
  Obsolescence Plan and Update Presentation
  Transition Program 2016Q2 Report
  Transition Program 2016Q3 Report
  NASA FY17 Budget Request
  NCOIRA Summary
  NSF FY17 Budget Request
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