AURA Oversight Council-Gemini Meeting: May 11-12, 2015

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All times are HST
Sunday, May 10: Summit Tour

10:15               Meet in hotel lobby to car pool to Hilo Base Facility (HBF)

10:30               Meet in HBF lobby for safety briefing

11:00               Depart HBF for Hale Pohaku (HP)

12:00               Arrive HP for lunch and acclimatization

13:00               Depart HP for Observatory

13:30               Arrive and tour Observatory

15:00               Depart Observatory for HBF

16:30               Arrive HBF

Monday, May 11: HBF Lecture Hall  
08:00     Meet in hotel lobby to carpool to Gemini Hilo base facility
08:30     Continental Breakfast
      Executive Session
09:00   E1 Welcome, Introductions & Announcements
09:05   E2 Approval of Minutes of November 3-5, 2014 Meeting
09:10   E3 AURA Report
09:55   E4 Gemini Board Issues
10:15     Break
10:30   E5

Shared Services

  • Discussion of actions from the November 2014 meeting
10:45   E6 Comments from Richard Green, AURA Board Chair
      Regular Session
10:55   R1 Director's Report
  • Staffing status
  • Next steps in re-competition process
  • Discussion of new observing modes
  • Teaming/partnership status
11:35   R2 Finance Report and Presentation
12:00     Lunch
13:00   R3 Operations Report
  • Operations metrics
13:45   R4 Development Report and Presentation
  • GHOST and other instrument acquisition status
14:30   R5 Transition Program and Presentation
  • All aspects of transition activity
15:15     Break
      Executive Session
15:30   E7 Risk List Review & Discussion
  • Top risks & mitigation plans/status
16:15   E8 NSF Discussion
      Closed Executive Session
16:30   C1

Approval of the Closed Executive Minutes of November 3-4, 2014

Approval of the Telecon Minutes from 2/10/15

Approval of the Telecon Minutes from 3/12/15

Approval of the Telecon Minutes from 4/8/15

16:35   C2 Council Reflections
17:00     Adjourn/Transport Back to Hotel
18:15     Meet in hotel lobby to go to dinner
18:30     Dinner - Cafe Pesto
Tuesday, May 12: HBF Lecture Hall
08:00     Meet in hotel lobby to carpool to Gemini Hilo base facility
08:30     Continental Breakfast
      Closed Executive Session
09:00   C3 Begin Drafting Conclusions & Recommendations
10:15     Break
10:30   C4 Continue Drafting Conclusions & Recommendations
12:00   C5 Director's Reflections
13:00     Lunch
      Regular Session
14:00   R7 Q&A Session with Observatory Staff
      Closed Executive Session
15:00   C6 Complete Drafting Conclusions & Recommendations
15:30     Break
16:00   C7 Review Recommendations with Directorate
17:00     Adjourn and return to hotel
18:45     Meet in hotel lobby to walk to dinner
19:00     Dinner with the Gemini Board - Hilo Bay Cafe
Additional Reports
      BFO Report
      Human Resources Report
      2014  Program Plan Completion
      2015 Program Plan Progress
      2014 Annual Progress Report and 2015 Program Plan of the Gemini Observatory
Background Documents
      Operations Report
      2015 Observatory Goals
      Transition Program Report, 2014Q4
      Transition Program Report, 2015Q1


Gemini Observatory Participants

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