AURA Oversight Council-Gemini Meeting: November 3-5, 2014

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All times are CLST      
Monday - November 3: SBF Engineering Conference Room      
08:55      E1     Executive Session                                                    

Welcome and Introductions
Approval of AOC-G May 12-13, 2014 Report
Discussion of agenda and key issues to be addressed     

09:25 S1 Staff Interviews & New Council Member Orientation      

New Council members Cochran, Ferrarese, and Boden to receive one hour orientation briefing on Gemini from 9:30-10:30, after which they will perform their staff interviews.  Other Council members to proceed directly to their staff interviews at 9:30.  See separate interview schedule for detailed interview appointments.

12:30   Lunch      
    Executive Session      
13:30 E2 AURA Report

Information Items

14:00 E3 Gemini Board Issues      
14:15 E4 NSF Discussion      
    Regular Session      
14:45 R1 Director's Report      
15:15 R2 Finance Report and Presentation      
15:45   Break      
16:00 R3 Operations Budget      
16:30 R4 Transition Program Report and Presentation      
17:45   Transport back to the hotel      
Tuesday - November 4: SBF Engineering Conference Room      
    Closed Executive Session      
09:00 C1 Council Discussion      
10:30   Break      
    Regular Session      
10:45 R5 Work Plan for 2015      
11:30 R6-7 Development Report
  • GHOST Development Status and Issues
  • Gen4:3 Feasibility Studies; other development projects
12:30   Lunch      
    Closed Executive Session      
13:30 C2 Approach and Status of NSF Recompetition      
15:30   Break      
    Executive Session      
15:45 E5 Discussion of Gemini Vision Document      
16:15 E6 Status of Shared Services, including NOAO-S, CAS/HR, MKSS      
    Closed Executive Session      
16:45 C3 Director's Reflections      
17:15 C4 Council Discussion      
17:45   Transport back to the hotel      
Wednesday - November 5: SBF Engineering Conference Room      
    Closed Executive Session      
09:00 C6 Council Interviews Discussion      
10:00 C7 Elect a Vice-Chair      

Approval of the May 12-13, 2014 Closed Executive Minutes
Approval of the July 30, 2014 Telecon Minutes
Approval of the August 29, 2014 Telecon Minutes

10:15   Break      
10:30 C8 Draft conclusions and recommendations      
12:40   Lunch with the Gemini Board      
13:10 C9 Review recommendations with the Director      
14:00   Adjournment and transport to the airport      
Additional Reports      
  Human Resources Report    
  Maunakea Photovoltaic System-Overview    
  Maunakea Photovoltaic Array Project Description    
  Base Facility Operations (BFO) Project    
Background Documents    
  Operations Report    
  Transition Program 2014, Q2 Report    
  Transition Program 2014, Q3 Report    
  1. BFO Project Charter    
  2. BFO Project Plan    
  3. BFO Review Panel Report    
  4. BFO Reponse to Review Panel Report    
  5. BFO Facility Protection System Mandate    
  6. BFO Facility Protectioni System Concept of Operations    
  7. BFO Facility Protection System Trade Study    


Gemini Observatory Participants

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