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Trifid Nebula

By Ingrid Braul

My name is Ingrid and I go to Southlands School. I think the Trifid Nebula is the most beautiful thing in the whole universe. It's really pretty with all the colours in it. When I look at it closely, I think of it as a majestic cloud of creation. It makes me think of the beginning of time, and how our solar system started. It's so amazing how just a cluster of gases and dust can cause such bright colours. I learned in science that some bright nebulas are formed when hot gases are thrown off from very hot stars. The radiation of young stars is what gives off the Trifid Nebula's brightness. It's called an emission nebula because of this. I like lots of other nebulas, such as the Crab Nebula and the Horsehead Nebula, but I find that the Trifid Nebula draws me in the most because it's so breath-taking. I'd like to find out how far away the Trifid Nebula is from us, and would really like a wonderful picture of it.



By Harveen Dhaliwal

My favorite object in the night sky is Pluto. I like this planet because it shines like a marble. If I could, I would stand on Pluto and look at all the other planets. However, I would need to wear a lot of warm clothes on this mysterious planet because it is so cold there. Pluto is the ninth planet from the sun. This planet is fascinating and looks beautiful while it is trying to orbit around the sun. Someday I hope to be an astronaut and go to Pluto.

Peter Michaud / / June 20, 2002