Limited Access to NIRSPEC on Keck II Offered to Gemini Community

December 16, 1999
Dr. Tom Geballe,

The W. M. Keck Observatory has allocated to the Gemini Observatory 3 nights per semester over the next two years for use of its 1-5 micron spectrograph, NIRSPEC, on the 10-m Keck II telescope. These observations will be carried out in a "Service Observing" mode, with Gemini staff executing observations on behalf of successful applicants from the Gemini partnership. Proposals for use of this NIRSPEC time are to be submitted to the Gemini Observatory, and will be reviewed and prioritized by external scientific referees and internal technical assessors. The Gemini NIRSPEC time in semester 2000A is in April and May. The deadlines for submission of proposals are February 21 for the April time and March 21 for the May time. (Proposals for April time will also be considered for May.) Calls for proposals will be issued for each semester. Further information about this opportunity, including information about NIRSPEC and application forms, is available from the NIRSPEC page.