Highly Qualified Teachers Certification


This course will familiarize teachers K-12 with earth and space science resources on the Island of Hawai'i while strengthening their content knowledge, developing inquiry skills and abilities while learning to integrate science, social studies, language arts, and math standards to help students attain hands-on, experience-based learning of the science standards. The objectives are to:

1. Deepen understanding and improve classroom application of the following science content strands and standards through work with local and national science resources and technologies:
Standard 1: The Scientific Process: Scientific Investigation
Standard 2: The Scientific Process: Nature of Science
Standard 6: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences: Nature of Matter
Standard 8: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences: Earth and Space Science

2. Become familiar with the work that scientists do and build collaborative relationships with the scientific community to enhance science education in Hawai'i.

Date, location, and educators to be announced