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Sensitivity Estimates

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Observing Overheads

Current estimates are that the overheads associated with each new science target (for target acquisition, telescope, WFS and instrument re-configuration etc) depend upon the guide configuration chosen for the observation.

Setup times for various observation types are:

Sensitivity and Overheads

This section contains information on the sensitivity and performance of NIFS in its various observing modes. Go directly to:

GNIRS Properties

GNIRS Optical Properties

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The optical elements of GNIRS (e.g. cameras, gratings, cross-dispersing prisms and slits) are described in detail on the GNIRS components (broke) pages.

T-ReCS Properties

T-ReCS Optical Properties

The optical elements of T-ReCS (e.g. windows, filters, gratings and slits) are described in detail on the T-ReCS instrument pages