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GMOS can perform broad band imaging (using the SDSS filter system) or narrow-band imaging using select filters. The field of view is 5.5 arcmin x 5.5 arcmin (and does not cover the entire CCD package), with two ~ 2.8 arcsec (39 pixel) gaps between the detector chips, as shown below (GMOS-S, GMOS-N original EEV CCDs and upgraded e2v DD devices). To cover the gaps it is recommended to use dither steps of at least 5 arcsec in the X-direction.

2007B Observing Tool released

A new Observing Tool is now available to support observations for the remainder of semester 2007A and for semester 2007B. All users will need to install this OT in order to either fetch programs from or store programs to the observing databases. Also, TOO triggers using the OT will need to be done using this version. Installation instructions and other details can be found here.

Observing databases unavailable June 5-8

The observing system at Gemini is being updated to prepare for semester 2007B. The Gemini North observing database will be unavailable for fetch/store between 5-8 June and the database at Gemini South will be unavailable 6-8 June. TOO triggers via the OT will also not function during these periods but URL triggers will be accepted. Please monitor this page for further information and announcements of the new Observing Tool.

Discovery Narrows the Gap Between Planets and Brown Dwarfs

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Gemini and Joint Astronomy Centre