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Summary of the August 2003 commissioning run

22 August 2003


This run was almost fully weathered out, and very little has been done at night. We had the equivalent of 3 nights of open dome, all of which was with either very bad seeing (full distribution from 0.5 to 4", with very little time under 1.5) and/or thick cirrus. We had some opportunities to test the dither sequences with GMOS, which now work successfully for sequences without the use of the GMOS OIWFS.

Summary of the April/May 2003 commissioning runs

01 July 2003


After a 3 months rework at HIA and at Gemini (December-February 2002), Altair was back on the sky for 2 successful commissioning runs in April and May. The integration with the telescope, TCS and sequexec is basically completed. The system is now robust and has a high level of automation. Altair now achieves 55 to 85 milliarcsec images for seeing below 0.9 arcsec.

Summary of the November/December 2002 commissioning runs

29 January 2003, updated 3 March 2003


Altair arrived at Gemini on October 14, 2002. It went through two commissioning runs in November and December, and commissioning is proceeding well. A number of problems were encountered; most of them have been identified and fixed, or are in the process of being fixed. Strehl ratios of up to 55% with FWHM of 61mas were obtained in K band in the best conditions. The next commissioning runs are planned for April and May.