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OT Known Bugs

Known bugs (and workarounds, where possible) in the Observing Tool are described here. If you find a new problem, please submit the information via the Gemini HelpDesk and include any log messages. The most recent log file is called ot.0.0.log and is located in <home>/.ocs15/<version>/log (Windows, Linux, Solaris) or <home>/Library/Logs/edu.gemini.ot (OSX).

9 December 2013
Known bugs in 2014A.1.2.1:

Announcement of Opportunity for Large and Long Programs

Gemini Observatory announces an opportunity for Large and Long Programs. Eligible PIs are invited to propose scientific investigations to begin observation in the 2014B semester. Letters of Intent are due February 3 2014, and completed proposals are due March 31 2014.

Large and Long Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What instruments are available for LPs?

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