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Gemini-S closed due to bad weather from August 6th

Large parts of Chile, including the town of La Serena and the surrounding mountains suffered from bad weather the last few days. Over the weekend Aug 8-9 about a meter of snow fell on Cerro Pachon. Once the road is cleared and the day crew can reach the summit again the appropriate measures will be taken to get the telescope back into operation as soon as possible. This will probably take a few days.

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Gemini North ODB offline July 28

The Gemini North observing database will be offline Tuesday July 28 from 10-11am HST while we perform infrastructure maintenance.

During this time the following services will be unavailable:

  • Phase I Tool guide star probability queries
  • Observing Tool synchronizations and file transfers (Gemini North programs only)
  • Observing Tool non-sidereal target queries (Gemini North programs only)
  • Please check this site for further announcements.

    Gemini Studies a Plethora of Brown Dwarfs Candidates

    Figure 1. NIR Spectral type histogram of all known low-gravity dwarfs and those presented in this work. Green bars delimited by dashed lines represent the known population prior to BASS, purple bars delimited by dash-dotted lines represent known dwarfs for which low-gravity features were identified here for the first time, and orange bars delimited by solid lines represent new discoveries from BASS.

    Gemini North HBF Photo-Voltaic Array Power System Installation RFB

    As part of Gemini’s comprehensive energy savings initiative, Gemini North Telescope Facility (GN) seeks to install a 94.8 kW, net-energy metered photo-voltaic power system on the GN support building located at the Hilo Base Facility in Hilo, Hawaii. The proposed PV system consists 378 modules having a DC capacity of 260 W per module (98.28 kW DC total) and 4 decentralized inverters having a rated AC capacity of 24 kW AC per inverter (94.8 kW AC total). The system shall be configured in a 480 volt 3-phase arrangement.

    Special proposals require 2015B PIT

    In preparation for the start of 2015B, all new Fast Turnaround (FT), Director's Discretionary (DD) time, and Poor Weather (PW) proposals must use the 2015B Phase I Tool (PIT). See the PIT Version Table for more information and download links.

    Gemini South database online - GS 15B Phase 2 deadline July 21

    The Gemini South observing database is back online after the shutdown due to the July 12 snowstorm. 

    The Phase 2 deadline for 2015B Gemini South programs is now the end of the workday on Tuesday, July 21.

    Please submit a Helpdesk ticket if you have any problems or questions.



    Gen 4#3 Home Page

    Gen 4#3 Summary

    Gen 4, instrument number 3 (Gen 4#3) is the current generic name for the next Gemini facility instrument.

    In April 2012, the STAC released a number of guiding principles for the future Gen 4#3 instrument. See Science Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation 3.12.

    Observando los impactos estelares

    Imagen en el infra-rojo cercano del cúmulo globular Liller1 obtenida con el sistema de óptica adaptiva GeMS en el telescopio de Gemini Sur, en Chile.