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2016A Call for Proposals Announced

Gemini is now accepting proposals for observing time in Semester 2016A. The submission deadline varies with partner. A new version of the Phase I Tool (PIT) has been released to support proposal submissions.

Semester 2016A Call for Proposals

Gemini Observatory invites its community to propose scientific investigations for the 2016A semester, 1 February 2016 - 31 July 2016.

Wavelength Calibration

Nearly all near-infrared spectra, except perhaps certain regions at very high resolution, contain sky emission lines which can be used for wavelength calibration.  However, at low and moderate resolution these lines are often blends and may not be easily identified.  For wavelengths < 2.5 um, measurement of arc lines for wavelength calibration is recommended.

Putting together FLAMIGOS-2 Observations

This page contains useful information for configuring F2 observations which should help reduce the number of iterations on the Phase II file between the PI and the NGO. It also contains an overview of the required OT observations and components for programs of different types. Before submitting your Phase II program to Gemini, use the F2 Phase II checklist to eliminate common mistakes.

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