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GPI Pipeline

The GPI Pipeline 

The Gemini Planet Imager Data Pipeline allows transformation of raw data from GPI into calibrated spectral and polarimetric data cubes. It also provides some basic capabilities for PSF suppression through differential imaging, and for astrometry and spectrophotometry of detected sources.

Data Reduction and Calibrations

To properly reduce the GPI data the user needs to use the GPI Pipeline and download the proper calibrations from the GSA. 

Priority Visitor Observing

Priority Visitor observing will be available (and the default) for Large and Long Programs in 2014B; it may also be granted to experienced observers for 2014B Band 1 programs.The following notes apply to 2014B, and will be updated for 2015A when more extensive use of PV observing is anticipated.

Accepted programs and status

GPI programs selected for Early Science Observations


The table below summarizes the programs that have been approved for GPI Early Science observations.


Near-IR Resources

Gemini's near-infrared instruments are capable of imaging and spectroscopy from 1 to 5 microns (see the Instrument Overview for a brief description of each). This page provides information common to all NIR instruments, specifically targeting calibrations and data reduction resources. Detailed, instrument-specific information is available on each instrument's own web pages.


Observatorios Gemini y Keck Confirman Existencia de un Planeta Potencialmente Habitable del Tamaño de la Tierra