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Gamma-Ray Burst Illuminates Galaxy in Dark Ages

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Hydrogen Recombination Lines

Below is a list of Paschen, Brackett, Pfund, and Humphreys series lines of atomic hydrogen in the 1-5µm region. Some of these lines are prominent in R~1000 spectra of A0V stars. Wavelengths are in vacuum

Spectroscopy with TEXES


TEXES is used for echelle slit spectroscopy in the 5 to 25 micron wavelength region.


GSAOI Quick links for Calibration Searches - How To

These queries start with the html address of the GSAOI complete catalogue: 


After which the query parameters are added, separated by a  & operator

ut_date_time= (the date interval, see the GSA query help for the allowed formats)

wdbi_order=ut_date_time.value (sort order, this is for sorting in ascending order by UT date)

Phase II Checklist

Checklist for FLAMINGOS-2 Phase II (OT) programs