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Gemini Planet Imager Begins On-sky Integration at Gemini South


Recommended GCAL configurations and Exp. Times for F2 calibrations:
Quartz Halogen flats and Ar Arcs

Note the following:


  • This table is still a work in progress. This page and the smart CALS will be updated periodically




New version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.12)

A new version of the Gemini IRAF package (v1.12) has been released. This version is required for processing GSAOI and FLAMINGOS-2 data and includes configuration files and examples. Please see the processing software page for more information.

Bringing the Universe Down-to-Earth in Chile


ALTAIR (ALTtitude conjugate Adaptive optics for the InfraRed) is the facility natural/laser guide star adaptive optics system of the Gemini North telescope.

2014A Proposal Deadlines Start Today!

The Gemini 2014A proposal deadlines are approaching fast!

The 2014A Call for Proposals may be found here:

The individual partner deadlines are listed below, but please check your National Gemini Office web page for details.

United States: Thursday September 26 at midnight MST