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Announcement of Opportunity for RFP No.N251227

Wide Field Fiber Multi-Object Spectrograph (WFMOS) Conceptual Design Study

Gemini Observatory
Issued: 24 August 2005
Requests to Receive RFP Due: 23 September 2005

Announcement of Opportunity for RFP No. N251229

Ground Layer Turbulence Monitoring on the Mauna Kea Summit Ridge

Gemini Observatory
Issued: 24 August 2005
Requests for RFP Due: 9 September 2005

The "Aspen" Program: Decision Time

The Board of Directors has adopted a resolution that addresses the next steps in the process to design and deploy some of the major instruments that emerged from the multi-year process of discussions. This has been a stimulating process, with the initial phase culminating in the report Scientific Horizons at the Gemini Observatory: Exploring a Universe of Matter, Energy, and Life, which is available here on the Gemini website.

Gemini Observatory Shows That "10th Planet" Has a Pluto-Like Surface

July 29, 2005



Gemini Observatory Image/Jon Lomberg

Figure 1: Artist's conception of how 2003 UB313 might look from space

Dustiest Star Could Harbor a Young Earth

For Embargoed Release at 1:00pm (ET)/7:00am (HST) on July 20, 2005

Full-Resolution Images

En Español - Versión adaptada en Chile

Gemini To Continue IRAF Development

Following the recent announcement from NOAO regarding upcoming changes in the level and type of support for IRAF, we wish to reassure our user community that we will continue to fully support and develop our data reduction package. Further, we are taking steps towards improving our support and development effort. Also, over the last few months, we have been exploring the feasibility of a transition to PyRAF and Python.

Gemini will make every effort to minimize the impact this new NOAO direction could have on our users.

Gemini Prepares for Planet Searching with NICI