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MICHELLE and HIRES Observing Times are Traded

Over the past few years, a more coordinated approach to the building and using of new instruments for very large telescopes has gained strong support among science policy makers and, increasingly, among scientists themselves.  In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that Gemini and Keck have agreed to exchange five nights of observing time at each facility in semester 2005A.  The Gemini user community will have access to five nights of HIRES, the optical high-resolution spectrograph on Keck I. In return, Keck users will have access to the

Gemini Observatory Local Outreach

The Gemini South StarLab visits a remote community in Chile where the only facility able to accommodate the inflatable planetarium is a church!

Star Lab Chile Church 

Gemini Virtual Tour Version 3.0 Released

With exciting new activities and improvements, the latest version of the Gemini Observatory Virtual Tour is now available (on CD-ROM) upon request to Andolie Marten

This popular interactive tour will run on virtually all versions of Mac/Windows systems and is also available in a Kiosk version for public venues (make all inquiries to Peter Michaud).

A high abundance of massive galaxies 3-6 billion years after the Big Bang

July 7, 2004

A Gemini team led by Karl Galzebrook of Johns Hopkins University has just released some spectacular results obtained from the Gemini Deep Deep Survey (GDDS) in the British journal Nature.