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Tightening the (Asteroid) Belt around Zeta Leporis

Figure 1: Azimuthally averaged radial plots of Zeta Leporis (red) and a nearby point-spread-function (PSF) star (black). The colored lines denote the widths of the sources at 50% their peak brightness.

Some Rare Abnormal Stars may have White Dwarf Parents to Blame

Science Contacts:

  • Dr. Geoffrey C. Clayton
    Louisiana State University,
    Baton Rouge, LA
    (225) 405-1617 (cell)
  • Dr. Thomas R. Geballe
    Gemini Observatory, Hilo, HI
    (808) 974-2519 (desk)
    (808) 345-6739 (cell)

Small Warm Doughnut Feeds Theories of Extragalactic Black Holes

Science Contacts:

  • Dr. James Radomski
    Gemini Observatory, La Serena, Chile
    +56-51-205-640 (desk)
  • Dr. Christopher Packham
    University of Florida, Gainsville, FL
    (352) 392-2052 (desk)
    (352) 514-3333 (cell)

Media Contact:

  • Peter Michaud
    Gemini Observatory, Hilo HI, USA
    (808) 974-2510 (desk)

Observing Tool /Observing Database Unavailable

The Gemini Observatory observing database is being upgraded in preparation for semester 2007A and so is currently not accessible by the Observing Tool (OT) or the web report forms.  A new OT will be available during the week of December 11.  Please check this site for further announcements.