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Altair Undergoes Successful Performance Upgrade

The recent addition of a field lens in the Altair adaptive optics system has resulted in a significant improvement in near-infrared imaging capabilities at Gemini North.  Altair with the field lens will begin regular science use in semester 2006A.

Mauna Kea Giants Find Common Nursery for Comets

Joint W.M. Keck, Subaru and Gemini Observatories Press Release

Science Contacts:

  • David Harker
    University of Caliifornia, San Diego

    (858) 822-4893
  • Seiji Sugita
    University of Tokyo

  • Fred Chaffee
    W.M. Keck Observatory

    (808) 885-7887

Dusty Old Star Offers Window to Our Future, Astronomers Report

Media Contacts:

Science Contact:

  • Inseok Song
    Gemini Observatory, Hilo HI

Aspen Program Announcement #2

WFMOS Questions

Question: Should prospective WFMOS teams open a direct dialog with Subaru to answer Subaru-specific questions or should questions be routed through Gemini?

Answer: Though Subaru and Gemini are working closely on a variety of WFMOS matters, a single point of contact should be used to make sure that answers to RFP questions submitted are distributed to everyone through these “Aspen Program Announcements” on Gemini’s web page.

Aspen Program Announcement #1

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WFMOS Questions

Question: Can you clarify the Gemini partner share situation and outline how it should be addressed through the initial RFP phase?

Answer: The table of remaining Aspen partner shares in the WFMOS Announcement of Opportunity summarizes remaining partner shares in Gemini’s projected USD 75 million Aspen instrument program. The projected budget for WFMOS is ~USD 45 million and an additional 30% has been added as contingency, bringing the total projected cost to ~USD 60 million for this instrument.