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Featherweight Celestial Pair Has Uncertain Future Together

Science Contact:

  • Étienne Artigau
    Gemini Observatory, La Serena, CL
    56 51 205775 (desk)

The Delicate Trails of Star Birth

Gemini's Laser Vision Reveals Striking New Details in Orion Nebula

Image Release

Giant Interstellar Jet Stream Revealed by TEXES

Mapping Gas Jet Velocities in the Molecular Cloud W51 IRS2

Tightening the (Asteroid) Belt around Zeta Leporis

Figure 1: Azimuthally averaged radial plots of Zeta Leporis (red) and a nearby point-spread-function (PSF) star (black). The colored lines denote the widths of the sources at 50% their peak brightness.