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Amateur Astronomers Travel Deep Into Stellar Cocoon Using Gemini

For Embargoed Release at 11am EDT (16h UT) on Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Background Information: Laser Guide Stars

Gemini North after sunset showing laser system. Large box at bottom of telescope is the laser housing which consists of a Class-10,000 clean room.

Sedna Reveals Pristine Surface in Gemini Near-infrared Spectra

Sedna Discovery

Full Resolution TIFF (1.3MB)

First Paper from Gemini/HST Galaxy Survey: It Takes More Than Aging to Shape A Galaxy

Can galaxies observed at very high redshifts (at a time when the universe was a fraction of its current age) evolve to look like today's nearby galaxies simply by growing older? The answer is no according to an international team of scientists led by Inger Jørgenson (Gemini Observatory) who used GMOS on Gemini North, combined with HST imaging data to survey distant galaxies and chart their evolution.