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Viaje al Universo - Monday September 30th to Friday October 4th

Viaje al Universo (Del 30 de septiembre al 4 de octubre)

Observations Set Limits on Possible Atmosphere Around Distant World



The peripheral wavefront sensors (PWFS) vignette a large part of the GMOS science field. Furthermore, it has been found that there is significant flexure between GMOS and the PWFSs. At this time it is therefore recommended to use the on-instrument wavefront sensor for all GMOS observations with the exception of non-sidereal tracking, since the OIWFS implementation is purely electronic and limited to a small field of view.

2013B Observing Tool update available

A new Observing Tool (OT 2013B.1.2.2) is available via download or the OT auto-update feature. This is a recommended updated, especially for FLAMINGOS-2 PIs. Changes are described in the Release Notes.

Instructions for Visitors

Gemini South

Llegó el Captador de Imágenes de Gemini