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Detector Information

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Phase I Checklist

A number of common errors are made by PIs when creating phase I files writing their technical justifications. The PI should consider the following checklist when writing the Phase I proposal with the Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT) .

NIRI OT Library

The NIRI Observing Tool Library appears in the list of science programs as "NIRI OT Library" and can be "fetched" in the same manner that a normal observing program is fetched. The library contains a wide range of example observing sequences using NIRI in imaging and spectroscopic modes, with and without AO. It also contains flat and arc calibration sequences and template observations of a large set of photometric standards (with coordinates).


Papers describing aspects of T-ReCS (previously known as MIRI and GatirCam) are:

Data Format and Reduction

The Gemini IRAF MIDIR package has been released, consisting of scripts allowing basic reduction of imaging and spectroscopy data. Given the similarities in the reduction of data from T-ReCS and Michelle, this topic is covered in the mid-IR data reduction pages. The basic format of all Gemini data is explained in the Data section of the Gemini website.

Phase I/II Checklist

Probably link to the MIR checklist

OT Library

The Observing Tool libraries contain "pieces" of observations e.g. commonly used configurations, sequences, standard calibrations and ancillary information which may be copy-and-pasted into a new observation. The intent of these libraries is to speed the development of new science programs. As observing procedures and instrumental configurations may change from semester to semester (installation of new GCAL filters, for instance), it is advisable that PIs download the most recent libraries when defining new observations.

OT Details

This page explains how to configure T-ReCS in the Observing Tool: