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Exposure times

Table 1 below shows the time taken for the background (sky + telescope) to reach 50% full-well capacity of the NIRI Aladdin array in spectroscopy mode. Table 2 shows the brightness of a stellar source (in magnitudes) that will fill 80% of the well of a NIRI array pixel in a one-second exposure (0.2 sec exposure at M).


Michelle Component

Michelle iterator

Michelle Iterator

Visualisation in the Position Editor and selection of guide stars

Observation Preparation

This section explains how to configure ALTAIR in the Observing Tool and how to specify the AO and tip/tilt star in the "Target Component" when ALTAIR is being used.

Optomechanical Overview

Altair Optomechanical Overview

Optical path including the common path and the NGS WFS path Altair NGS WFS optical path

CAD plot of the optical bench + electronic enclosure + ISS mounting

ISS+Altair CAD


Papers describing aspects of ALTAIR include:

Optical/Mechanical Layout