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Mid-IR Imaging Reduction

This page outlines how to reduce images taken with Michelle and T-ReCS using the IRAF tasks in the midir package. Michelle imaging polarimetry reductions are also briefly described. Imaging observations can be reduced almost automatically if the observations were made in good conditions, although some interactive work is often necessary for observations taken under variable conditions.

Spectral atlas of OH emission

This file contains most of the night sky OH lines. All the lines belonging to the sequence Delta V=2 to 5, up to V'=9 are included. All the levels with the rotational quantum number J lower than or equal to 16.5 have been considered.>/p>

The different columns contain the following data :
1: Wavelengths in vacuum (Angstroms)
2: Theoretical intensity, in relative units proportional to the flux of photons. The absolute flux is arbitrary.

Telluric Standard Search