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OT Details for Flamingos-2

The FLAMINGOS-2 team strongly recommends that PIs read this section and also that they start from the automatically-generated OT templates for FLAMINGOS-2 OT library when preparing F2 observations. The library contains detailed instructions for customising the template observations: changing targets, standard stars, slit widths, etc. This web page is intended to explain the various OT components in depth:


Observation Preparation

Observations with the TEXES instrument are taken somewhat differently than those of the regular Gemini instruments. The OT setup for TEXES observations are relatively simple and are used only for two purposes: first, they define the target and the guide star; second, they indicate various basic items of the TEXES configuration (cross-disperser, total requested length of the observation, slit orientation, and central wavelength).

This page guides you through the main steps and considerations for configuring TEXES observations in the Observing Tool:

El hermoso caos de las estrellas nacientes

The Beautiful Messiness of Star Birth

2017A Programs and Schedule Announced

The Gemini 2017A observing programs have now been announced. Notification emails to successful PIs were sent today, December 15 2016. Please check the schedules page for more information. Note that the new Observing Tool must be used to access and update 17A programs.

Untangling a Complex Young Stellar System

The top panel shows the spectrum of KH 15D during its "bright" phase, when the amount of direct starlight was greatest. The middle spectrum ("intermediate" phase) was taken when star B was just below the edge of the ring. Both spectra in the bottom panel were obtained during "faint" phases from two different cycles, when both stars were near periastron and the contribution from starlight was minimized.

2017A Classical Schedule

Semester 2017A

The table below summarises the classically-scheduled programs that have been awarded time on Gemini North and South, as well as programs from the Gemini community awarded Exchange time on Subaru. Jump directly to the schedule for:

2017A OT Released

The 2017A Gemini Observing Tool is now available for download. This update is required to access the Gemini Observing Databases.

The Installation Instructions are linked off of the Observing Tool web page, and we recommend that everyone download their programs from the databases rather than import from saved XMLs.

Instructions for Visitors