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Orion’s Fingers: New Clarity on an Explosive Outflow

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GN Summit Facility (summit)

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GMOS image of Kim 2, in g band. The image is 4 arcminutes across.

Lejos de Casa: Existe un cúmulo Errante Pequeño y a la vez Distante

Imagen de Kim 2 captada por GMOS en banda g. La imagen es de 4 arcominutos.

2015B Call for Proposals Announced

Gemini is now accepting proposals for observing time in Semester 2015B. The submission deadline varies with partner. A new version of the Phase I Tool (PIT) has been released to support proposal submissions.

Large and Long Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What instruments are available for LLPs?

Supermassive Black Hole Lurks at Dawn of the Universe

Updated Observing Tool released

An updated 2015A Observing Tool is now available for download and is recommended for all users. Please see the release notes for the list of bug fixes. Installation instructions are linked off of the Observing Tool web page.

Gemini North Architectural & Engineering Services RFQ

Gemini North Observatory is a five-story facility that houses an 8-meter telescope and support instrumentation, equipment, and work space. Gemini seeks professional architectural and engineering (A&E) services via a professional services agreement for upcoming projects anticipated to total several hundred hours of architectural, structural, electrical, and/or design engineering services. Gemini seeks to pursue additional projects upon successful completion of the first project, the GN Storage Mezzanine.