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Gemini North Shutdown Complete

We are happy to announce that the Gemini North shutdown to repair the failed dome drive finished earlier than planned and we started the on-sky checks on August 29. General post-shutdown system checks have been completed. Instrument checkouts are also required because of maintenance work done in parallel with the repair. These are being executed as tropical storms and hurricanes permit. Currently only GNIRS is ready for science use.

Gemini Data Processing Software


Official Data Processing Software

Gemini IRAF package



Disco-Stu - Distortion Correction and Stacking Utility for GSAOI
August 23, 2016, Updated August 30, 2016 to version 1.3.1

2017A Call for Proposals Announced

Gemini is now accepting proposals for observing time in Semester 2017A. The submission deadline varies with participant. A new version of the Phase I Tool (PIT) has been released to support proposal submissions.

2017A Phase I Tool released

The 2017A Phase I Tool (PIT) has been released in support of the 2017A call for proposals.

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