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RFP: Mauna Kea Chilled Water Renovation Project

February 17th, 2017

Question 1: Would you happen to have the make and model of the existing equipment for the MK Chilled Water Renovation?

Answer: See Attachments below

a) MK Existing CH-2 Installation Manual
b) MK Existing CH-2 Operations Manual

Question 2: Do we leave any reclaimed R-22 refrigerant in your possession?

Answer: Reclaimed refrigerant shall be transferred to Gemini at the site the refrigerant is reclaimed from. (HBF or Summit)

In response to recent changes in requirements, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc (AURA) announces that the original RFP has been revised. Only Bidders who previously submitted proposals are eligible to submit revised bid proposals.

Revised Bid Opens: March 23rd, 2017

Revised Bids are due: March 31st, 2017 3:00 pm HST

Please see the revised bid requirements for details pertaining to Revised RFP.

Previously Released HBF RFP Documents:

Mauna Kea Summit Contractor Housing Information

Agenda/Schedule for Mandatory Site Visit Feb. 22, 2017

Announcement of Opportunity

Instructions to Offerors

Representations & Certifications

Observatories Visitor Guide & Waiver Form (Acknowledgement Required)

Contractors Guide to Gemini North/MK

Attachment 1a: Construction Technical Specifications
Attachment 1b: Construction Drawings
Attachment 1c: Photos of Work Area
Attachment 1d: Price Breakdown (Excel file)

Attachment 2a: NSF Cooperative Agreement
Attachment 2b: NSF Terms & Conditions

Attachment 3: MK Equipment Provided By Gemini Observatory (Per MK Technical Specifications, Section 01010 Part 1/1.09):

  • Item a & b   CH-2N Modular Chiller & Isolation Frame
  • Item c& d   FC-1 Fluid Cooler & Isolation Frame
  • Item e       CP-5 Pump-end only
  • Item f & g   CP-6A & 6B Pump & Motor Assembly
  • Item h        CP-7 Pump & Motor Assembly
  • Item i         CP-8 Pump Assembly
  • Item j & k      AS-2, AS-3 & AS-4 Air Separator
  • Item l & m   ET-3 & ET-4 Expansion Tank
  • Item n & o   HX-2 & HX-3 Heat Exchanger
  • Item p        FM-1 thru FM-9 Flow Sensors
  • Item q & r   TCV-1 & TCV-2 Temperature Control Valve
  • Item s & t   NS-1 & NS-2 2-way Solenoid Valve
  • Item uvw&x   Gemini Control Hardware
  • Item y       PS Pressure Sensors, Differential Pressure and Pressure Gauges
  • Item z      TS Temperature Sensors and Temperature Gauge

Gemini Observatory Participants