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Gemini Science Archive

The Gemini Science Archive (GSA), exists to provide a permanent archive for all science data from the Gemini facility (and some visiting) instruments. It additionally provides the mechanism whereby Gemini data is distributed to queue (including SV and DD) and classical program PIs via electronic transfer. The GSA has been developed and is hosted by the Canadian Astronomical Data Center, the CADC, located at HIA in Victoria, B.C. Canada. The current Gemini and CADC Project Scientists for the GSA are Cláudia Winge and David Bohlender, respectively. Severin Gaudet is the CADC GSA Project Manager. Queries about the GSA should be sent via the Gemini HelpDesk.

You need a CADC user account before you can access the GSA for retrieval of proprietary (PI) data. If you do not already have an account then you can quickly obtain one via the CADC User Registration Page .  

The Gemini Science Archive is powered by software developed by CONICYT and the CADC, and contains data and meta-data provided by the Gemini Telescopes.