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Helpdesk Categories

The categories and sub-categories in the Gemini HelpDesk, together with the broad tier-2 assignments, are as follows:


Category        Sub-category               Assigned to
Instruments     NIRI                       US
QUIRC/Hokupa'a             Gemini
CIRPASS                    Gemini
OSCIR                      Gemini
GMOS                       Canada
Michelle *                 Gemini
Phoenix                    US
T-ReCS *                   US
ALTAIR                     Gemini
bHROS                      Gemini
GNIRS                      US
NIFS                       Aus
NICI                       US
Other instrumentation      Gemini
Telescope       WFS/guide stars            Gemini
Acquisition                Gemini
Calibration                Gemini
Polarimetry                Gemini
Adaptive Optics            Gemini
Other capabilities         Gemini
Observing       PIT or Phase I             Gemini
Observing Tool/Phase II    Gemini
Observing modes            Gemini
Astrometry                 UK
Pipeline processing        Gemini
Gemini IRAF                Gemini
General IRAF               US
Data format/distribution   Gemini
Science archive            CADC
HelpDesk                   Gemini
Web sites                  Gemini
Gemini North visitors      Gemini
Gemini South visitors      Gemini
Gemini committees          Gemini
Partner Country Support    Gemini
Computers                  Gemini
PR/outreach                Gemini
Other                      Gemini

* Retired Instruments