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Data and Results


This section provides information about Gemini data. All queries regarding Gemini data should be made through the Gemini HelpDesk. For problems specifically with the Gemini IRAF package, please first look at the Data Reduction Support page before submitting a HelpDesk request.


1. After the Data are taken

  • New Data Notification: Nightly email notification of new data.
  • Quality Assessment: Criteria used to assess data quality, and associated header keywords.
  • Gemini Observatory Archive: The new archive is currently (October 2015) in beta testing with a view to full release in November 2015.
  • Science Archive: Includes data distribution details and instructions for retrieving calibration data. The Gemini Science Archive will be retired in November 2015.


2. Understanding and Processing the Data


3. Publishing Results


4. Providing Feedback

  • PI/Observer Feedback: Gemini requires that all queue and classical PIs provide feedback in order to monitor data quality and observatory performance.