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Partner Subscription

Partner Subscription

Gemini is operated by a partnership of six countries including the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. Any astronomer in these countries can apply for time on Gemini, which is allocated in proportion to each partner's financial stake. In addition, 10% of the science time is available to astronomers associated with the hosts of each telescope, the University of Hawaii and the country of Chile. See the Governance web page for information on the Gemini Board and Committees, as well as resolutions and minutes of selected meetings.

The Phase I Overview describes how to apply for time on Gemini. The Queue and Schedules page lists allocated programs in the current and previous semesters, together with execution logs and important Phase I and II dates. The Science Operations Statistics page provides information such as weather loss, queue completion rates, open shutter efficiency and more.

At the end of each semester the partner imbalances are calculated using the partner shares. Gemini keeps track of the accrued partner imbalance and the Operations Working Group takes the imbalances into account when agreeing on the distribution of the telescope time available in each semester. The telescope time charging page gives more information on this process.

The following links provide additional information on partner shares and demand: