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Announcing FLAMINGOS-2 Call for SV Proposals

January 26, 2012

Infrared image of NGC 2442 based on FLAMINGOS-2 first light images in J, H, and K.

FLAMINGOS-2, the Gemini near-infrared imager and long-slit and multi-object spectrograph, is undergoing commissioning on the Gemini South telescope. We now invite the Gemini community to propose System Verification (SV) science programs for the imaging and long-slit spectroscopy modes.  The deadline for receipt of all proposals is Monday February 6, 2012, 23:59 UT.

Approximately 40 hours of telescope time is available for these near-infrared imaging and long-slit spectroscopy programs. The observations will be executed during bright-time during the first half of March, 2012.  

System Verification will provide an end-to-end test of the new FLAMINGOS-2 instrument, from the proposal process to the delivery of the data, in advance of offering the new capability to the community for general use. Therefore, it is a "shared risk" observing mode, and incurs responsibility on the successful proposers to provide feedback to the observatory in a timely fashion. SV data also have a shortened proprietary period.

More information is available here.

The complete call for proposals is posted here.

An announcement regarding SV for the multi-object spectroscopy mode will come later.

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