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OT Release Notes: 2010B

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The first version of the 2010B OT was released on June 9, 2010. The most significant changes from the previous version (2010A) are summarized below:

  • Modified instrument components and iterators
    • GMOS-N instrument component has the option to select either E2V (current) or Hamamatsu (planned upgrade) detectors
    • GMOS gain/read mode selection has been combined in the static components
    • Updates to the GMOS translation stage and ROI tabs
    • Add new Y and Z filters to the GMOS-N filter list
  • User interaction and interface features
    • Magnitudes for targets are now entered as value:bandpass pairs instead of in a simple text box. Magnitudes for guide stars are parsed from guide star queries where possible.
    • Added UCAC3 guide star catalog query
    • Updates to the OT library function
  • Bug fixes
    • Browser queries saved correctly
    • Improve the calculation of GMOS nod & shuffle detector offset based on the CCD Y binning

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