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Phase I Tool

The Gemini Phase I Proposal Tool

The Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT) can be used for proposal preparation and submission to all of the Gemini partner countries. Please check the partner-specific instructions maintained by your National Gemini Office (e.g. by following the links in the Phase I overview) to check on the correct procedure for your country.

The PIT is a Java program that must be loaded onto a local computer (it is not a webform). Best performance is achieved by installing the PIT on individual machines although some institutions may prefer a site installation if they have adequate network resources. See the installation instructions for further details. Assistance with its use can be found at the PIT Help pages.

caution A new version of the PIT to support the 2014B call for proposals has been released. Please read the brief summary of new policies, features, and improvements described in the Hot News page including support for visitor instruments.

Proposals for 2014A poor weather and director's discretionary time must use the new PIT for semester 2014A.

Each Gemini partner country runs its own Phase I proposal process. All joint proposals must be submitted through the PIT. Backend servers installed at all partners' National Offices allow automatic electronic submission to multiple partners at the same time.  It is strongly encouraged that all investigators use the Gemini Phase I Tool for creating and submitting proposals, although investigators applying for NOAO time using multiple NOAO telescopes for a single program may instead use the NOAO submission form. Any proposal not generated by the PIT must be converted into a specifically structured XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file for transmission from the National TACs to Gemini Observatory in order for the files to be ingested into the Gemini observing database.