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Semester 2008A Important Dates

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Semester 2008A Important Dates

Key dates and events in the proposal process are shown below. The Phase I and Phase II deadlines are highlighted.

Date Event Comments
1 October 2007 Proposal deadline Proposals received by National Gemini Offices (NGOs) - see partner-specific pages
Set by partner NTAC meetings Separate scientific and technical assessments by each Gemini partner ("National TACs")
No later than 15 November
E-transmission Electronic transmission of proposals to Gemini from NTACs
22 November
Draft queue and classical schedule Drafts generated by operations staff and distributed to ITAC members
27-28 November
ITAC International Time Allocation Committee meets to resolve issues and recommend programs
7 December
Final queue/schedule, and ITAC & Gemini feedback to NGOs After approval by Gemini Director
12 December
Queue and classical schedule on web Phase II programs ("skeletons") available in Observing Database; 2008A OT released
14 January 2008
Phase II deadline Final PI deadline for submission of completed Phase II Science Programs to National Offices (earlier submission is encouraged)
28 January 2007
Phase II review complete Goal for electronic transfer of checked Phase II programs from National Offices to Gemini
1 February 2008 Start of semester 2008A 2008A programs may be observed earlier to fill queue nights
15 February 2008 Queue fully loaded Goal for activation of all Phase II programs

Last update August 30, 2007; Sandy Leggett

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