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Shared Risks Observing

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Shared Risks Observing

Scientific observations with a new instrument, mode or facility may begin in a "shared risks" phase. This follows instrument commissioning and characterisation, and (where appropriate) system verification. The shared risks phase enables early scientific exploitation of Gemini facilities and involves the Gemini community in refining the use of the facility and instruments.


During the shared risks phase there is possible risk of reduced data quality and/or data collection efficiency compared with that advertised due to unanticipated commissioning time requirements, poorer than anticipated performance and/or lower efficiency. This may even result in cancellation or rescheduling of some shared risks observations at short notice. Cancelled classical shared risks observations not executed during the semester will not automatically be rescheduled at a later date. Queue or FT programs awarded time on a shared-risks facility or instrument will not be included in completion rate calculations or in any time accounting.


Shared risks may continue for up to 6 months after release of each instrument, facility or mode.

Last update 6-Mar-2017; Andy Adamson
In original form October 13, 1999; Phil Puxley

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