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Status and Availability

ALTAIR with Natural Guide Star (NGS) or Laser Guide Star (LGS) is available with NIRI for imaging, subject to the limitations below, and with NIFS for IFU spectroscopy and coronography and with GNIRS for longslit spectroscopy.  LGS + P1 "super-seeing" mode is commissioned for NIRI and NIFS, which allows nearly full sky coverage for targets with elevations >40 degrees from Gemini North.  The mode is currently limited for GNIRS spectroscopy use due to flexure issues.  See the LGS + P1 "Super Seeing" mode page for more information.

Old News

22 Feb 2007
Altairupdate - The Laser Guide Star system is now commissioned forscience.

05 Sep 2006
Altairupdate - current status of Altair LGS re-engineering andre-commissioning.

17 May 2006
Altairupdate - summary of the April and May 2006 LGS technicalcommissioning completion; call for proposals for LGS systems verification announced.

31 Aug 2005
Altair FieldLens Prototype now available! This will be available starting in2006A and provides dramatic improvements in Strehl out to 25arcseconds from the guide star.

28 June 2004
Altair update - summary ofthe June 2004 Altair spectroscopy System Verification run

22 August 2003
Altair update - summary ofthe August 2003 commissioning run

1 July 2003
Altair update - summary ofthe April/May 2003 commissioning runs

1 February 2003 (updated 3 Mar 2003)
Altair update - summary ofthe November/December 2002 commissioning runs