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Announcement to T-ReCS Users in Semester 2002A

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Phil Puxley, Gemini Associate Director

22 February 2002

Progress is being made at the University of Florida towards preparing T-ReCS for pre-ship acceptance tests prior to its delivery to Gemini. Although substantially improved, issues remain with flexure and elevated system noise. In addition, several key measurements such as the internal cryostat background and characterisation of the science-grade detector have yet to be carried out.

As a result it is extremely unlikely that delivery, on-telescope acceptance tests and commissioning will be completed before the end of semester 2002A. Consequently, the Observatory has decided to inform the affected PIs, National Gemini Offices and National TACs that it will be cancelling all T-ReCS queue programs for semester 2002A.

It is anticipated that the T-ReCS imaging mode will be available to the community during semester 2002B and PIs are encouraged to re-submit proposals to their National TACS for the forthcoming Call for Proposals, to be issued 1 March.


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