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T-ReCS Mounted on Gemini South

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13 May 2003

After three weeks of integration and testing on Cerro Pachon, T-ReCS was successfully mounted on the Gemini South telescope today. The initial on-telescope test results show the same detector and optical characteristics as measured in the lab. First-light is scheduled for early June.

Note that the predicted T-ReCS sensitivity (and integration time calculator) was modified on 17 April due to an additional noise component measured in the lab (resembling "extra low frequency noise") and inherent to this detector. 

The picture below shows T-ReCS mounted on the bottom (uplooking) port of the Instrument Support Structure (ISS). T-ReCS is the black dewar (of hexagonal cross-section) along with its two blue thermally-conditioned electronics cabinets. Also currently mounted on the ISS, to the upper left, is Phoenix (and its white balance 'legs') and on the opposite port GMOS-South.


Last updated 2003 May 13; Tom Hayward and Phil Puxley

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