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DSSI Phase II Checklist

Instrument Configuration

  • The Instrument Name should be "DSSI"
  • The Observing Tool has no mechanism to specify the instrument configuration (dichroic & filters), so please include a note with this information.
  • The "Exp Time" should be the total desired integration time
  • The Wavelength should be 0.7 microns.

Target Coordinates

  • Must be accurate to better than 1 arcsecond
  • Must include proper motions


  • DSSI observations must be guided using PWFS2
  • If the "Auto Guide Star" button fails please email your Contact Scientist to determine if an alternate may be used.

Standards and Calibrations

  • Include a point source standard for each sky location, with a minimum of one per hour.
  • Include a photometric calibrator if photometry is required.
  • Finder Charts

    • If the field centering will not be obvious please include a finder chart showing the desired position.