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GSAOI Quick links for Calibration Searches - How To

These queries start with the html address of the GSAOI complete catalogue: 


After which the query parameters are added, separated by a  & operator

ut_date_time= (the date interval, see the GSA query help for the allowed formats)

wdbi_order=ut_date_time.value (sort order, this is for sorting in ascending order by UT date)

tobject= the object name (the exact match can be obtained by using tobject===objectname)

simbad=none (the resolver - omit this if it is a NED/Simbad target, but required if looking for calibrations such as domeflats, twilight flats AND the GSAOI standards) 


To separate the photometric standards from the flats, the following two can be combined 



So, for example, the Domeflat query for the 20121228/20130102 run is formed as:


Note the exact match required (==Domeflat) and the resolver looking for the Gemini name (simbad=none).

To restrict the search for a given filter, the parameter to be added would be, for example:



The result can be tried here


Or this for the standards obtained 2012-12-31 with the H filter


The order of the qualifiers is not important.


Dome flats with the lamps OFF can be identified by

tobject===Domeflats OFF

Twilights are found by using


Specific programmes can be selected by adding

science_program_id_op===GS-2012B-SV-499 (for example)