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Download the latest version of the Gemini IRAF package


Mac OS X Mavericks Compatibility
UPDATED! November 15, 2013 (original announcement made on October 24, 2013)

  • We recommend that Mac users of the Gemini IRAF package and users of Ureka do NOT upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks just yet. The Gemini IRAF package has not been tested again Mavericks and compatibility is unknown. As for Ureka, there are reports that it is not compatible with Mavericks. Teams at both Gemini and STScI are investigating the compatibility issues. To install Ureka 1.0 beta 6 on OS X Mavericks (10.9), please follow the instructions here.

Installation instructions for Ureka users

All users are encouraged to use Ureka to install IRAF and the Gemini IRAF package. The latest version of Ureka (v1.0beta6) contains the Gemini IRAF package v1.12beta2 (and a modified version of the 32-bit version of IRAF v2.16 with bug fixes specific to the Gemini IRAF package). The preferred procedure for upgrading packages in Ureka is to use an add-on. An add-on for the Gemini IRAF package v1.12 is currently in development. In the meantime, Ureka users can upgrade to the Gemini IRAF package v1.12 by downloading the file gemini_v112_for_ureka.tar.gz. To install this version of the Gemini IRAF package in your home area, run the following commands at the terminal prompt:

% cd
% mkdir gemini
% cd gemini
% tar -xvzf /<your_path_to>/gemini_v112_for_ureka.tar.gz

Then, add the following lines to your / file before the "keep" at the end of the file:

reset gemini = /<your_home_area>/gemini/
task gemini.pkg = gemini$ 

Please note that Ureka v1.0 will soon be available and will include the Gemini IRAF package v1.12.

Installation instructions for non-Ureka users

For those users who use IRAF v2.14, the file gemini_v112_for_iraf_2.14.tar.gz is required, while the file gemini_v112_for_iraf_2.15.tar.gz is required for those users who choose to upgrade to the 32-bit version of IRAF v2.15. These files are gzipped tar files that contain the source code and binaries for Redhat/Fedora and Mac OS X Intel operating systems. Full installation instructions are found in the gzipped tar file itself and also in the file gemini_readme.txt.