Gemini Sciops Announcements Archive

2010 August 282011B call for proposals announced
2010 August 262011B PIT released
2010 August 17GN Observing Database offline for maintenance
2010 August 17Mac support for 2011A PIT with Java 6
2010 June 092010B Programs and Schedule Announced
2010 June 092010B OT released
2010 May 28Observing database offline for 2010B update
2010 February 01Updated 2010A OT available
2009 December 092010A programs and schedule announced
2009 December 042010A OT released
2009 November 27Observing databases offline
2009 November 10OT and PIT planning update to Java 6
2009 September 232009B required OT update available
2009 August 14Observing databases offline August 17
2009 July 30Gemini IRAF v1.10 Released!
2009 June 0909B Programs and Schedules Announced
2009 June 082009B PIT released
2009 June 07GMOS-N B600 replacement grating available
2009 June 032009B OT released
2009 May 05GMOS-N B600 grating unavailable
2009 February 27Atmospheric Differential Refraction in GMOS data
2009 February 272009B Call for Proposals
2008 December 112009A Observing Tool released
2008 December 112009A Time Allocations Announced
2008 December 102009A call for proposals announced
2008 December 082009A PIT released
2008 December 08Observing databases offline for 09A update
2008 September 02Reorganization of Observing Process web pages
2008 June 13Semester 2008B allocations announced
2008 June 132008B Observing Tool released
2008 June 10Observing databases offline
2008 May 02Gemini North currently accepting poor weather proposals
2008 May 01Reorganization of instrument web pages
2008 February 19Please submit DD proposals using the PIT
2008 February 05Patch for Gemini IRAF v1.9 Released
2007 August 30Advice for Band Three Programs
2007 April 09Library of GNIRS stellar template spectra available