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Shooting the Moon

Public Views Partial Solar Eclipse at Gemini Headquarters

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Although it was a gray day in Hilo, the Sun briefly broke through the overcast skies near the maximum of the eclipse. A crowd of approximately 300 who had gathered at Gemini headquarters, on the University of Hawai'i at Hilo campus, for a Family Astronomy Afternoon were happy to get a glimpse of the eclipse during a brief respite from the rain.

The day also featured behind-the-scenes tours of the Gemini Observatory Base Facility, interactive presentations on infrared astronomy, recent discoveries and some of the technologies used at the Gemini Observatory.

The event was jointly sponsored by the Hilo Astronomy Club, the UH-Hilo Department of Astronomy and Gemini Observatory.

A Fine View

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A fine view - Joyce Dvorak, 10, in lower left-hand corner of the photo, views yesterday's partial solar eclipse through a Gemini Solar Eclipse Viewer, as her six-year-old sister Sarah looks on. The girls are daughters of John and Rose Dvorak of Hilo.

Credit: "Kirk Pu'uohau-Pummill/Gemini Observatory"

Moon Shadow

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Moon shadow - Kevin Cornwell, Gemini Observatory UNIX Systems Administrator, shows an image of yesterday's (June 10) partial solar eclipse during a Family Astronomy Afternoon at Gemini Observatory Base Facility. Cornwell is projecting the image onto a white surgace through the eyepiece of a portable six-inch Newtonian telescope.

Credit: "Kirk Pu'uohau-Pummill/Gemini Observatory"

Zeroing In

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Zeroing in - Dr. Richard Crowe, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, focuses a portable eight-inch UH-Hilo telescope adapted for solar viewing during the partial solar eclipse viewing at Gemini Observatory Base Facility.

Credit: "Kirk Pu'uohau-Pummill/Gemini Observatory"

Peter Michaud / / June 11, 2002