Telescope Structure:

-Moving Mass: 342 Metric Tonnes/377 US Tons

Azimuth Structure: 170 Metric Tonnes/187 US Tons

Altitude Structure: 172 Metric Tonnes/190 US Tons

-Drive motors:

Azimuth: 8, 2.68 HP (2 kilo-Watt) Brushless DC motors

Altitude: 4, 2.68 HP (2 kilo-Watt) Brushless DC motors

-Encoding Precision: Optical tape encoder resolves to 5 milliarc seconds with an

accuracy of 20 milliarc seconds

-Blind Pointing Accuracy: 1-3 arc seconds RMS*

-Tracking Stability: 0.01 arcsec RMS (closed loop)

-Maximum Slew Rate: 2 degrees/second in Azimuth, 0.75 degrees/second in Elevation

-Zenith Blind Spot Size: 0.5 degrees

-Primary Mirror Elevation: 20 meters above ground level

-Azimuth Track Size & Precision: 10 meters/32.8 feet diameter (world’s largest single

piece) 25 micron precision over entire 10 meter surface

-Azimuth Range of Motion: +/- 270 degrees for total of 540 degrees of total rotation

*RMS = Root Mean Square – An analysis method that (in this case) specifies the precision with which the telescope can find a specific point on the sky.