Project Milestones:

Started: 1990 with agreement between NSF (USA), NRC (Canada) and PPARC

Ground-breaking on Mauna Kea and Cerro Pachon October 1994


Casting of Primary Mirror at Corning, New York completed March 1995

Polishing of Primary Mirror at REOSC, Paris completed December 1997

Primary Mirror Installed in telescope December 1998

Fabrication of first telescope structure at NFM,

Le Creusot, France completed March 1997

Telescope installation in enclosure completed December 1998

Telescope Enclosure Completed on Mauna Kea by Coast Steel August 1997

Mirror Coating Chamber installed in telescope enclosure August 1998

Hilo Base Facility Completed August 1998

Telescope Assembly Completed January 1999

First Light February 1999