Table 2. Contract Schedule

Contract ItemSource
TypePlanned Contract
Approval Date
Mount ControlUKWP3/15/95
Telescope AssembliesInt'lBid3/15/95
Secondary ControlUKWP4/15/95
Enclosure Control Canada WP4/15/95
Guiding and Wavefront Sensing--Phase IIUKWP4/28/95
Site Steel Construction - CP S.AmericaBid5/1/95
Site Foundation Construction - MKInt'l Bid 5/1/95
Secondary Tilt MechanismInt'l Bid5/1/95
Multiobject Optical Spectrograph - Phase IUK/CanadaWP5/1/95
Telescope Control SysternUKWP5/1/95
Site Foundation Construction- CPChileBid5/1/95
Site Steel Construction - MK CanadaBid 5/15/95
Primary Mirror Radiation Plate System lnt'l Bid6/1/95
Secondary MirrorsInt'l Bid 6/9/95
Adaptive Optics - Phase II CanadaWP6/15/95
Data HandlingCanada WP6/27/95
1-5 Micron Imager US Hawaii WP6/28/95
1-5 Micron Spectrograph USWP6/30/95
Hydrostatic BearingsInt'lBid7/1/95
Telescope Encoders Int'l Bid7/15/95
CCD ControllersChileWP8/1/95
Coating Plant (Industrial Contracts) UK Bid8/16/95
Primary Mirror CoversCanada Bid 8/18/95
Infra-Red Array and ControllerUSWP 10/1/95
Primary Mirror Cell AssenablyInt'lBid10/3/95
CCD Program USWP10/6/95
Cable Wraps CanadaBid11/17/95
Rotator and Instrument Mounting Canada Bid 12/1/95
Total Estimated 1995 Contracts - $54,856,217

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